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Classic Update!

Mista.pandee posted Jul 5, 17

Hey guys! We are bringing back the "Single Planet Spawn Point". New users to Grayles Starbound Classic will start from there! If you are an existing user type /spawn from your ship to travel there. This will be using our old hub "Freeport"

Hello Everyone!

Our Donation perks and policy has been updated!


Hey Everyone,

Grayles Gaming Starbound:PLUS now LIVE! Be sure to pop by >HERE< to get access to the PLUS server :)

Happy Gaming,

Grayles Staff

Ekcentrick What is a plus server?


After some planning and discussions, we will be removing SMP's and plan to replace this with frequent backups. In the best situation we will do it daily with a cycle of 7 days. We will notify users once this action plan takes place.

it is simple as aking a requests from the support section of Discord. Follow the template:

Pandee wrote:
I request a restore from ___1___ days ago. @ Planet _________2________ .

1 - Please provide a number less then 7 to choose how many days ago you would like a restore from.

2- Please provide your full planet location. This can be done with a /whereami command in game, whilst you are on the planet.

This is a system of restore/Rolls back a planet, Planets are  backed up and kept for 7 days.

Grayles Team.